Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where's Blog Blockwatch When You Need It?

There are so many wicked-awesome blogs out there. (Um, besides this one, of course.)

I'm a glutton for outstanding photos, interesting stories, descriptive writing and humor. When I find these qualities in a blog, I am all over it, like a stalker, but one who lacks the free time to actually stalk. (Oh, wait, that's called a fan.) Sometimes I am inspired to emulate them, but one thing I would never want to do is rip off their postings and present them as my own.

This has happened to an outstanding blog called House of Annie, where foodies Nate and Annie post mouth-watering photos of foods they enjoy as well as share some really interesting cultural stories, as they have recently moved from California to Malaysia, Annie's home turf. The writing is terrific, and to call the photos food porn is an understatement, kind of like saying Deep Throat was just another dirty movie. (Disclaimer: I never actually watched Deep Throat but I HEARD -- that's right, I HEARD -- that it set the benchmark for many porns after that. Don't judge me.)

So you can imagine how incensed I was when I visited their blog tonight and found this entry, in which they detail how another blog re-posted a House of Annie posting (verbiage AND photos) and passed it off as its own, which is kind of hard to do when Nate and Annie's trademark is on each of the photos. The blog-thieves even changed internal links to point to their own site.

Personally, I think that in the time it took to do all that copying, they could have done something more original, like create their own blog entry about blog-thievery with a cute little graphic of a thief stealing something. And maybe reference Deep Throat. I'm just sayin'.

So what have we learned here? Plagiarism is BAD. Nate and Annie put their copywrite on all their blog photos and that is SMART. I'm obviously way out-of-touch when it comes to porn titles. And Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are surprisingly yummy. (Guess what I had for dessert?)

Oh, yes, I also learned a very cute new haiku, created by Nate and intended for the blog-thief:

I wish you would get
A hundred thousand bug bites
Where the sun don't shine

See? I copied his haiku. But I used attribution. So there.


Nate-n-Annie said...

Jenny - thanks for the kind words as well as the support! The fight against content thieves continues, but we're not going to let them get us down.

Mokihana said...

I think it's just plain crummy when people kakaroach others' stuff that they've already worked so hard on. I often wonder how, when it happens, the original author can find out about it.

Rotten. It's just plain rotten.

Nate-n-Annie said...

@Mokihana - there are services like Copyscape that will track your pages for you and alert you when it finds stolen content. But you have to pay for that. What helps is vigilant readers like the folks who first contacted me about the theft.

Update on the blog thief: I submitted the DMCA report to Google, and they took the site down in less than a day. Score one for the good guys!

Jenster said...