Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rants From Mommyland Likes Me!

It's been kind of suck-y week, with things being super-busy at work and at home and me getting hit by the Queen of Cold Viruses. (Thank you, back-to-school-bugs!)

Enter into my life a little sunshine via my favorite blog, Rants From Mommyland, which decided to post a submission I sent them last week, titled, "Domestic Enemy of the Mom with Mixed Race Kids." Honestly, it was something I drafted up for fun during an insomniac evening, highlighting some of the most interesting moments our mixed-race family has experienced. I sent it in, not expecting much of a response, but I was astonished to get an reply from Lydia (of Lydia and Kate fame) THE VERY NEXT DAY indicated that they planned to post it.

To me, Rants From Mommyland captures the joyous highs and hair-pulling lows of parenthood and neatly presents them with amazingly funny artwork (witness the one above, which ran with my post). Some people take parenting way more seriously than I do, and that's fine. I'm not into competitive parenting so I leave that for others.

My philosophy: If the kids are puking while the dog is having an accident, or if you have 12 sugared-up kids bouncing off your walls during a home birthday party while your hubby conveniently lays in bed sick (all true things that have happened here, by the way) ... you might as well laugh. And maybe have some wine. I have long suspected that other moms existed who felt the way I did, and when I discovered Rants from Mommyland, I knew I had found my asylum.

If you haven't checked out Rants From Mommyland, do it now! Now! Before the wine is gone.

Awesome artwork from Rants From Mommyland

Saturday, September 17, 2011

After-School Activities, and Other Tall Tales

The other day I read a blog post suggesting things to do with your kids after school. I had no idea families existed who had so much free time after school that they actually had to create activities such as water-balloon games that you, the parent, would prepare ahead of time by filling up the balloons while the kids are still in school.

One suggestion that struck me as particularly odd, and a little cruel, was having your kids actually search for their snacks after school. You, the parent with nothing better to do, would hide a favorite snack, and then present your children with "clues" so they could have "fun" searching for their provisions.

I don't recall the other suggested activities because, at that point, my eye started twitching and I think my brain exploded a little.

I don't know how it is in your family, but in our little corner of paradise, my kids are STARVING when they get home from school. Ever see those nature videos featuring large predators (picture lions or cheetahs) ripping through their unfortunate prey? You can find that type of action in my kitchen each afternoon.

Therefore, as an act of self-preservation, I do not dare play the "snack-search" game with my progeny, but should I ever be so foolish, I hope you will be quoted saying nice things about me when the article titled "Hungry children acquitted for eating mom" is published.

Would you attempt this game? Why or why not? Do tell.