Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free Straitjacket Friday ... Neti Pots

Welcome to another Free Straitjacket Friday. Today, anyone who has bronchitis and is getting cold symptoms gets first pick of fashion colors. Wait a minute, that would be me.

Today's weird topic is neti pots, which have been used in India for centuries for nasal irrigation. A few years back, a friend told me about using it to relieve her severe allergy symptoms and I thought she was finally ready for her own straitjacket. Of course, the fact that she described it as "a small teapot you put salt water in and then stick into your nostrils" didn't really help convert me.

Last year, after another friend recommended it, I started using a little plastic neti pot that I picked up at Walgreens and I absolutely love it. I can breathe much easier and my nasal passages no longer feel dry during the winter. I used to wake up on cold mornings barely able to breathe, despite having a humidifier in my room, and I no longer have this problem. I use it every night and after I've been in dusty or pollen-filled environments. When I have a bad cold (such as now) I also use it in the mornings. Let's just say it clears out and soothes the tubes.

Here's a video that shows you how it works. If you're squeamish about fluids coming out of your nose, you might want to put that snack down before viewing it. I found it very helpful when I was first getting started.

Does anyone have a neti pot story to share? Did it work for you?


Mokihana said...

I keep thinking I'm gonna get one for Nolemana. If he'd use it, I bet it'd help him a lot. Maybe a Christmas pressie?

nejyerf said...

my mother swears by her neti pot.

i wish my husband would try it.

maybe that would cut down on the number of times he does an air hanky throughout the day?!?!

Mia said...

Neti Post are awesome. I use one when I have allergies/sinus infection/cold/etc. They really work.

You get to the point where it becomes enjoyable to use it. I realize how sick that sounds, but it feels so good when you can actually breathe!