Saturday, September 17, 2011

After-School Activities, and Other Tall Tales

The other day I read a blog post suggesting things to do with your kids after school. I had no idea families existed who had so much free time after school that they actually had to create activities such as water-balloon games that you, the parent, would prepare ahead of time by filling up the balloons while the kids are still in school.

One suggestion that struck me as particularly odd, and a little cruel, was having your kids actually search for their snacks after school. You, the parent with nothing better to do, would hide a favorite snack, and then present your children with "clues" so they could have "fun" searching for their provisions.

I don't recall the other suggested activities because, at that point, my eye started twitching and I think my brain exploded a little.

I don't know how it is in your family, but in our little corner of paradise, my kids are STARVING when they get home from school. Ever see those nature videos featuring large predators (picture lions or cheetahs) ripping through their unfortunate prey? You can find that type of action in my kitchen each afternoon.

Therefore, as an act of self-preservation, I do not dare play the "snack-search" game with my progeny, but should I ever be so foolish, I hope you will be quoted saying nice things about me when the article titled "Hungry children acquitted for eating mom" is published.

Would you attempt this game? Why or why not? Do tell.


Allie said...

Hey there, found you from RFML. Love you! OK well I wouldn't do any of those games. I spend enough time pleading with them not to play with the hose and make rivers of mud... water balloons? Sounds like a lot of work. Then you gotta pick all the dead balloon carcasses out of the lawn. Booooo!!!

Hiding food, well, that requires time alone, which I do not have. I prefer telling him to "go find yourself a snack"... and then I play on facebook. I do love a good scavenger hunt though.

Our after school activities are "do your homework, eat your dinner, read, go to bed" and that's all we have time for (barely).

Who you callin' housewife? said...

My daughter comes home from school singing Julie Andrew's songs, does a few ballet moves, perhaps twirling in a dress. And then, like most kids, eats like a wild animal on a nature show. I would never, ever, hide her snacks for "fun." And, no, even though I only have one child, no one in my house has time for these after school games. We have things like homework, instrument practice, and good old-fashioned riding around on bikes.

Caffeinated Me said...

Came by way of RFML as well. :)

My two school-aged kids are already tearing around the car for food on way home from school. Heaven forbid I forget to bring a snack for the 5 min drive home! Oh, and then they raid the kitchen for more snacks upon arrival, not worth the whinge-fest to play hide-the-snack!

CrunchyCon said...

My twin 5 year old boys have lunch at school at 10:45am. Our school has a "no snack" policy. If my mom did not present them with a snack in the car when she picks them up, they would turn into hungry predators. So the answer is "no".

Anonymous said...

I've heard of this being done to keep zoo resident animals occupied. It never occurred to me to do that at home. But then, there are other zoo tricks that have worked (such as turning her loose in the backyard, which is an acceptable but contained replica of her natural habitat.)

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when I read one of those stupid Parenting Magazines month after month and found only work-intensive "fun projects" like making decorative cupcakes with about 90 ingredients.

The only good advice I got out of the magazine? Using a lint brush to pick up dirt/hair off the bathroom floor.

MartianMom said...

@Crunchy - The same with my 5 year old. Lunch is too early. Who eats lunch at 10:45am? Of course they are starving.

Di said...

OMG, I am so doing this tomorrow. For breakfast. After locking the cabinet wherin resides the chocolate chips and marshmallows.

I can see it now......
"Mother of Three Beaten to Death in Own Home With Baseball Bats and Beanie Babies"

Still beats work this week.