Monday, December 1, 2008

The Bird That Came to Dinner

Hey, Thanksgiving at my house was JUST like this Norman Rockwell photo! Well, okay, we did carve the turkey in the kitchen instead of bringing it whole to the table.

It is now four (almost five) days past Thanksgiving and apparently I cooked the magical never-ending turkey. We've eaten several meals of it. I also made a big pot of comforting turkey jook with the carcass and a lot of the meat. I believe my son even had a turkey sandwich. And yet the masses of white and dark continue to taunt us.

So into the freezer they go, where they will be reincarnated in a few weeks into something incredibly healthy and highbrow. There's a 99 percent chance that a can of cream of mushroom soup will be involved.

What are YOU doing with your leftover turkey?


Kikue Mugen said...

Jook with my turkey bones and then we ate it for three days. I froze the last batch too. That's what I get for buying such a LARGE bird. Christmas meal is coming up. More to freeze, I'm sure :D

Mokihana said...

My mom used to make "turkey hash". Not hashi, u lolo. Layer mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, gravy in one large like 9 x 18" pan. Put in da freezer. Then bringum out and bake when you want turkey again.

Or can freeze everything individually and layer them with choke gravy ontop.

Turkey hash... comfort food to da max!!