Monday, December 15, 2008

In Your Facebook

In a previous life I think I was a Luddite.

How else to describe my non-techie nature? It takes me forever to send a rare text-message because I actually have to hunt and peck for the letters. Also, I spell everything out because I don't remember the shortcuts. Sometimes I even punctuate.

I have an iPod (without video!) that I rarely use because I forget I have it, so I resort to the radio and that new-fangled invention called CDs.

So when my friend Kristin started nagging me to join Facebook I laughed. I might have even laughed in her face. But she finally wore me down and I got on that damned site out of curiosity. Now as I check Facebook on a daily basis, I silently curse her for getting me started. It's a lot of fun to find out what your friends are up to and to check out their photos and videos. Addicting, even. And recently I discovered their Chat function, which allows me to *gasp* chat with friends on real time! This really comes in handy when you're a night owl and are looking for someone to gab with at 10 p.m.

While I am enjoying Facebook, one component that perplexes me is all the virtual stuff that people send you. Food, animals, holiday ornaments, pieces of flair, drinks, you name it. I just checked and I have 82 things that people have sent to me, all links that are waiting to be opened.

I appreciate the fact that friends are thinking of me, but I just don't have time to open all these links, let alone send a gift back or to others. I'm busy doing other important things, like working on my blog and chasing my dog with an anti-shedding comb. But I feel guilty not acknowledging their gifts and I'm not even Catholic. I'm the kind of person who writes thank-you notes for everything. I used to be even more extreme, but one year this guy I worked with sent me a thank-you card to thank me for sending him a thank-you card and I knew I didn't want to reach that level of obsession.

So if you send me any gifts via Facebook, please accept a big blanket THANK YOU from me. And please know that, even if I don't send one back, I still feel appreciative and guilty. You're welcome.


Tamakikat said...

Seasons Greetings.

I came to your blog to check out what the winner from the 'Our Adventures in Japan Giveaway' wrote about.

Congratulations by the way.

I like what I'm reading here and the pictures too. You've got a great sense of humor.

I'll be back:)


Kikue Mugen said...

LOL, I wouldn't take the gift and things seriously. A lot of times, people are sending stuff to purposefully level up. I send stuff for stress release and seldom know if my gifts are being unnoticed by the people I send to *shrugs*. I can't participate in games and stuff with everyone that sends me something. My gosh, I have over 150 'friends' on my buddy list over there. You can just imagine how BUSY my 'wall' is. I have to wade through it all just to read what my lanai friends are up to. I don't use Facebook for 'friendships'... It's a promotional thing for me. I have friends on my "to visit" list. I go to listen to their lives at journals because they're important to me :) Oh yes, and at the Ohana Lanai too ;D

Jenster said...

Welcome, Tamakikat! Glad to have you visit. I recognized your name from Kat's blog.

Kikue, thanks for the comments. It's nice to have another way to reach out to friends besides Ohana Lanai,

Mokihana said...

I agree... I just don't have time to do alla giftie stuffs... I love that peeps are thinking of me, so I send a blanket TY also. I like to keep in touch with and find friends and see what they're up to.

Today I was able to give one friend a weather report so she could decide whether or not to go to work. And I started a new group for Hawaiian Beanz Coffee in Damascus, my favorite hangout.

But that's about all....