Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For Your Next Underground Bunker

There are people who claim to see signs that the world is ending. I've made my own predictions in the past (Crocs? Asian Fusion cuisine? Techno? Anyone ... Bueller?) but now I have the mother of all Exhibit-A's:

Yes, now you can buy individually packed servings of Spam. I can hear the masses rejoicing, because don't we all know the pain of ripping open a can of Spam (with the easy-top opening tab), plopping out that gelatinous block of meat-like substance and then slicing it with a knife? Why, these Spam Single packs will save you about 60 seconds of labor, which makes the wasted packaging and higher unit price so worth it.

My friend Gordon sent me this photo. Yes, it's his Spam, which I believe he obtained at the grand opening of a Costco near him on Oahu. Hawaii is a Spam-crazy state. I enjoy it in limited amounts, such as in fried rice or with my ramen noodles. I do not enjoy it fried up and slapped between two slices of white bread, which is how I was forced to eat it as a child. Sometimes, for variety, my mother would coat the bread with mayo, which just made it worse.

Gordon notes that the 3 oz. serving of Spam Single contains 990 mg. of sodium, which I think should preserve it nicely and make it a wonderful addition to your underground bunker, in which I hope you'll invite me to join you when the world starts collapsing on itself.

On a brighter note, I leave you with a recipe for Spam Musubi that I found on the Internet. Spam Musubi is kind of like sushi with a cooked slice of Spam on top. Obviously, it is not a traditional Japanese item but an adaptation that was created by someone living in -- where else? -- Hawaii. Click here for the recipe and let me know if you try it. I like Spam musubi but will not make it at home because it if turns out well I'll be making it WAY too often. Heaven knows that I stand on too many other slippery slopes as it is.


acousticblinding said...
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acousticblinding said...

Accidentally deleted my comment, but I love Spam Musubi!

Hello Sweety said...

Crack me up!


East Coast Wahine said...

Ho, I love spam@! I love it with anyteeng! I love spam! I love spam! I love spam! :D

Anonymous said...

ok, so whats one other canned meat product any "real" island household is never without?

Vienna sausage; in any of its incarnations. In fact it is a staple in my sons home, here in Boise. If there are not at lease a couple cans of spam and vienna sausage in the cupboard, it means he needs to fo shopping like real soon.

In fact, whenever I came to visit ( I live here now), the 2 things I had to make for him were chile and spam musubi.

But sista, we dont need to get it by the slice as it never lasts long enough to worry.

Mama Soon