Monday, March 24, 2008

Going loco for loco moco

I could really use a loco moco right now. For the uninitiated, a loco moco is a delectable combination of eggs (cooked however you like; I prefer fried) lovingly dumped over a hamburger patty that is smothered in hamburger gravy and delicately slapped over a large serving of white rice. Delicious, satisfying, and you don't even have to be hungover to enjoy it. I crave it when I'm sick, I crave it when I'm cold, I crave it just because.

Loco mocos are commonly served in Hawaii, even though it's not really "Hawaiian" food. Like much of the cuisine found in the islands, it's the result of the diverse ethnic melting pot found there. Early immigrants from all over the world (predominantly from Asia) found themselves together and eventually mixed the best and tastiest of their native foods to create a new "local" food. A lot of it is comfort food, full of fat and salt, enjoyed by the common folks, not be confused with the trendy "pan-Asian" menus so prevalent nowadays that drive me nuts.

The best part of living in the Northwest is that there are several Hawaiian-style eateries nearby so I can find loco mocos here! Here's how I eat a loco moco: First I take my fork or chopstick and pierce my fried egg so that the golden liquidy yolk oozes out over the entire concoction. Then I cut the hamburger patty into bite-size pieces. I make sure that each forkful contains some rice, some gravy, some burger and some egg. Sometimes I throw caution to the wind and eat the rice separately, but only when I'm feeling daring.

It's a lot of food. Do not wear tight jeans while eating a loco moco. After I polish off this delectable concoction, my stomach feels warm and happy and my spirits have lifted. I promise myself that I'll eat a salad later.
(Image by Christian Razukas. Mahalo!)


Kikue Mugen said...

Wow an actual blog of one of my most favorite persons, even though you don't know it. Welcome to Journaling!

Napua said...

Ho, man - I could go for one nice big loco moco right now myself! YUM!

Lena said...

damn you, damn you for making me want a loco moco a spam musubi, some Zippys fried chicken and a fruit punch. Btw, jenster, northshore by my house is yummers! Lunch sometime?

Mokihana said...

We had a loco moco in, of all places, a tiny town in Oregon. Was ono!!

Hooipo Maha'oi said...


Blueyecicle said...

Oh man your making me HUNGRY!!