Monday, March 31, 2008

This is for you, Al Gore (no, not really)

Meet my new designer bag. It's made of durable nylon, has comfortable handles and was only 99 cents (hence my buying a few more) at Trader Joe's. I swear it was designed by Jimmy Buffet. Doesn't it look like a beer ad?

Now when I go into any store, I whip out my new shopping bag, which folds nicely and fits into my purse, and ask the cashiers to use it instead of "paper or plastic." I try to sound laid-back about it so they won't think I'm one of those environmental fanatics who go around burning new homes or checking people's floors for sustainably grown hardwoods.

Sometimes I feel a little self-conscious carrying a bright blue surfboard-motif Trader Joe's bag around Target or an upscale grocery store. But then I remember my ultimate goal of being an eccentric old lady who tells dirty jokes, and I realize I need to practice.

Who knew trying to be environmentally responsible could be so much fun?


Mokihana said...

I have a TJ's bag too... mine is kinda salmon-colored with hibiscus all over it. I have my knitting in it right now. I love yours too... and I need a TJ's run again! Gotta get me some mac nuts!

Napua said...

I've seen those & have been tempted to buy them. The commissary has these ugly green ones - definitely not as fun as the Trader Joe bags. I tink so I finally going get some. You have encouraged me! :-)